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Keep your expensive investment looking new longer.  Triple-layer Aqua-shed top panel with polypropylene side panels provides maximum protection for your horse trailer.  Fully breathable fabric allows trapped moisture to evaporate from within; highly UV resistant and water resistant.  Bumper pull design has passenger-side zipper entry doors to allow access during storage.  Gooseneck design has zipper entry doors on both sides.  Heavily reinforced rear corners resist tears & snags.  Elasticized bottom hems at front & back provide a snug fit.  Bunny-ear cinching system contains excess fabric.  Strap & buckle secures cover firmly in place underneath trailer.  Will work for all thoroughbred/standard bumper-pull trailers between 8 & 18 feet long.  Exclude hitch when determining trailer length.  Will work for almost all thoroughbred/standard gooseneck trailers up to 28' 6" in length.  Cinching system accounts for whether the trailer has a round front or a "v" front.  2 year warranty.  Perfect for use between shows or long term storage.  Includes free storage bag & cinching ropes.  Color: Gray.

    HT32018  BP 8'-10'  $160.00

    HT32019  BP 10'1"-12'  $170.00

    HT32020  BP 12'1"-14'  $180.00

    HT32021  BP 14'1"-16'  $190.00

    HT35548  BP  16'1"-18'  $200.00

    HT35399  GN up to 24'6"  $220.00

    HT35400  GN 24'7"-28'6"  $250.00


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