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For Sale & Wanted

Items listed on this page may be listed by us or by our customers.  If contact info. is not listed, please contact us for more details on the item(s).




Truck Cabs

If you have any questions or need any more pics, please email.

2000 Dodge Ram 2500 QC.  Cab is in very nice condition (windshield is cracked).  Truck was involved in a front end wreck.  There is a very small dent at the bottom of the cab on the passenger side where the truck was off the roadway in the wreck.  It is red in color and the interior has been stripped.  $450




2002 Dodge Ram QC.  Cab is in nice condition (windshield has small crack at bottom of driver's side) & there are a couple of areas that are missing paint on the back side of the cab on the passenger side (see pictures).  It is white in color and the interior has been stripped (wiring harness visible in the first picture is NOT included).  $450



Stock Fuel Tank removed from a 2002 QC long bed truck.  Tank is not damaged.  $75 (pickup only)

Front Seats from extended cab dodge truck (dark gray interior, multi color design).  Very good condition.  (1 complete set available & 1 passenger seat) 

Complete running 24v Motor

Comes complete (turbo, wiring harness, computer, etc.)  A/C Compressor & Intercooler pipes are not included. 

***Parts off of motor for sale separately also***  Let me know what you are looking for.  Will sell as just a long block also.

2 Sets of Aluminum 3/4 ton dodge rims ('00 & '02 Dodge trucks)

H2/HX50 Hybrid Turbo   19cm Exhaust housing.  Comes with adapter plate & downpipe  812-593-3031

HT3B Turbo  Good rebuildable core.  Nothing externally wrong, would recommend rebuild before use.   32 cm housing.   $250


1993 Cummins Motor

1993 1st Gen IC Motor with approx. 160,000 miles

The motor was removed from a wrecked truck and was running when it was pulled. The motor comes with all accessories (minus turbo), including linkages for automatic transmission, power steering pump, vacuum pump, alternator, & AC compressor.


USED Electronic Modules

(Some of these are our products & some are customers.  Please contact us for more information)


-'03-'04 (only these years) Edge Juice w/Attitude  $500

John Deere

-'01-'04 Denso Common Rail (all models)  $350