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CP3 High Pressure Fuel Injection Pump

When you're looking for maximum power out of your Duramax, ATS's X-treme CP3 pump system is the only answer.  Power levels of over 600 hp are only possible with the addition of this kit.

After installing aftermarket fueling products, the fuel pressure fuel rail falls short on providing the required fuel volume & this causes power loss.  This kit supplies extra fuel volume to maintain the proper fuel flow which gives you maximum power when you're applying high torque or RPM.

Applications: 2001-2004 Duramax

Twin CP3 Fuel System

Electronics can give you a lot of power through increased amounts of fuel being delivered into the engine at an optimized time.  However, many aftermarket power-makers have the ability to command more fuel to be delivered, at higher pressure, than the Duramax stock fuel pump can physically provide.  When the CP3 falls behind, you're not getting 100% of the power that those aftermarket modifications are capable of providing.  This "performance" issue is made even more critical through the use of high flow injectors.  Only the ATS High Performance Twin CP3 Injection Pump kit is capable of delivering the fuel required for big, efficient power.

The Twin CP3 System incorporates a second CP3 injection pump & all the brackets needed to mount it on the engine, where it will provide constant fuel supply.  Regardless of the extra fuel demands placed on the pumps by performance electronics or injectors, you will not fall short on fuel again.  A must for any truck owner looking to make power & get the most out of their modifications.

The ATS system is a clean bolt-on kit, including a secondary high-performance CP3 injection pump, a billet pulley wheel for the second injection pump, all the necessary fuel lines & supporting hardware, & a new belt to drive it all.  You also get an electronic controller to integrate everything seamlessly.  This kit is engineered to have perfect fuel control from idle to maximum RPM.


CP3-GM-TWIN-LB7-03-04: Twin CP3 injector pump kit, Duramax, Extreme Performance, complete w/additional pump, brackets, & hardware

CP3-GM-TWIN-LLY/LBZ-05-06: Twin CP3 Injector Pump kit, Duramax, 05-06 LLY/LBZ, Extreme performance, complete w/additional pump, brackets, & hardware.


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